Reebok Urban Descent collection

Every modern metropolis exists above an elaborate subterranean ecosystem – something that’s easily forgotten as we go about our daily lives on the topside. From moss-covered concrete cathedrals to long-forgotten commuter infrastructure, the underworld nurtures a rich subcultural folklore.

Lifting the lid on this hidden world, the new Urban Descent collection taps a tried-and-true pair of heritage models to evoke the tale of what lies below, exploring shadowy landscapes for unseen colours and texture.

Bringing a pure athletic pedigree uncompromised by trends, the Classic Leather is an authentic running silhouette that dates back to 1983. With an understated aesthetic that’s equally at home on the court and in the gym, the Workout Plus is a true cross trainer that has gracefully retired these days to permanent street status.

Both models are lavishly fettled using a classic combination of premium suede and breathable mesh. The economical color palette ranges from ‘sandy stone’ to ‘industrial alloy’ and a suitably murky ‘khaki green’ – a trio of tones that represent multiple facets of the shadow underground.

Classically appealing and timeless by nature, these new additions to the Reebok roster are certain to carve out their own niche in the landscape of urban sneaker style.

The Reebok Classic Urban Descent collection will be released March 18th.